The Ducklings provides services for children aged between eighteen months and two years and one month old and it is led by two educators.



Our philosophy is to promote a positive, safe and enriched environment which is conducive to learning and that will meet each child’s needs. We do this through the use of stories, songs, finger-plays and most of all Play. Letting the children explore the toys, materials and downright get dirty.

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Goals and Objectives

Our Goals and Objectives for the Ducklings Class:

  • To provide a safe, nurturing environment.
  • To support the children when they are expressing their needs and emotions.
  • To encourage social development through play and activities.
  • To introduce both French and English vocabulary throughout the day.
  • To also be available to the parents to discuss any questions or concerns they may have.


Our Program

As part of our program, we also provide ample opportunities for the children to learn in each developmental domain:

  • Social emotional: playing with others and feel compassion when a friend is sad (empathy).
  • Self-help skills: dressing/undressing, eating, toileting, all things to help the child be more independent.
  • Fine motor skills: doing puzzles, lacing, play dough, activities that help control the small muscles in the hands.
  • Gross motor skills: using the big muscles in the body to climb, run and jump, as well as, go up and down stairs.
  • Cognitive: following basic instructions, learning cause and effect and some problem solving.
  • Language: to learn phonemic awareness and to pick up basic words to communicate in both English and French.

You may download a copy of our Duckling class goals here.