The Ladybugs provides services for children aged between two years and nine months to three years and three months and it is led by two educators.



The ladybug program is conducted in a secure environment that is inviting, stimulating, relaxed and fun. This warm and comfortable environment enables each child to develop a sense of independence and self-esteem at their own pace while acquiring life-long skills.

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Goals and Objectives

Our Goals and Objectives for the Lady Bugs Class:

  • Develop and enhance self-help skills (toileting, dressing, eating and sleeping).
  • Promote social skills (sharing, turn taking, listening and respecting others).
  • Expand language skills (build vocabulary, articulation and self-expression).
  • Develop and enhance fine and gross motor skills (manipulation of materials and physical agility).


Our Program

The children in this group are exposed to a wide variety of interesting and fun activities. These activities take place throughout the day during free play, morning circle (English), and afternoon circle (French). Free play is comprised of unstructured hands-on activities plus arts and crafts the children are free to explore at their leisure. Circle time consist of group discussions, stories, songs, games music as well as gross motor activities such as dancing and movement.

The French program is introduced through different activities such as: the circle, stories, songs and other daily regular activities.
The main objective for this program is to familiarize the children with the basic French language so as to enable them to gradually learn simple vocabulary in their own pace. This is done through simple instructions during our daily routines, transition and through interaction in the different learning centers.
During circle, the children are encouraged to discuss and interact with one another and with their educators. They learn simple French vocabulary for example: the numbers, the alphabet, days of the week, body parts, colors etc. It is also a time where they learn songs, nursery rhymes and creative movements.
Apart from the circle, the children are exposed to various learning centers such as drama, science, language, drawing/writing and fine motor. In these centers, materials and activities are made available to them to:

  • Stimulate their senses
  • Feed their curiosity
  • Expand imagination and develop analytic thinking
  • Increase creativity and artistic skills
  • Increase general knowledge
  • Socialize and interact
  • Develop language skills
  • Problem solving and sharing

These activities are done through free play in a fun and safe environment.

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Minipally / Brindami Program

Starting at mid-September, the children in the Ladybugs class will be offered the program Minipally. The Program is offered every 2 weeks and it favours social and emotional development, self-esteem and self-control skills. More details of the program will be provided to you after each Minipally’s workshop.

Message to parents:

It is important to do a review with your child after each visit and to encourage them to use what they have learned.

Notre cher ami Brindami commencera ses ateliers avec les amis Coccinelles dès la mi-septembre à toutes les 2 semaines. Ce programme favorise le développement social et affectif, l’estime de soi, ainsi que le contrôle de soi, etc… Un feuillet vous donnant plus de détails sur ce programme vous sera remis par votre enfant à chaque visite de Brindami.

Lettre aux parents:

Il est important de faire un retour avec votre enfant après chaque atelier et continuer de l’encourager dans ses nouveaux apprentissages.

You may download a copy of our Lady Bugs class goals here.