The Butterflies provides services for children aged between three years and eleven months to four years and four months and it is led by three educators this year.



September will be a month of mixed emotions, at times exciting and at times a little difficult. If we both work together we will make your child’s day a happy one. Please feel free to relay any messages to us that you think might make your child feel better. Your child will have three educators this year. Tina Paterno who teaches the morning English program , Maria Sicoli who teaches the afternoon bilingual program. Tina is also the Assistant Director in the afternoon part of the day therefore an assistant ( to be announced ) will be with Maria every afternoon.

Note: Forms that need to be filled out to enter Kindergarten need to be given to us one week in advance so we have the time to meet and present a thorough unified report for your child. It is very important and informative that you try to make these evaluations sessions so we could better understand your child and so you know what to work on for school entrance.

Here is some important information that teachers need you to know:

  • FILL OUT FORMS : All Forms and important information for you to sign, are in the plastic file on top of your child’s cubby. (No art materials Please!!) Please fill out and hand in forms ASAP.
  • TAKE YOUR CHILD FOR A CHECKUP : We strongly advise you to take your child to the eye doctor and ear doctor.The goal this year is for your child to enhance oral communication and learn to write and focus. All these components are linked to hearing and eyesight. When your child is sick please call the CPE and tell us what he/she has so we could see if other children are displaying the same symptoms. Please do not give your child analgesics and send them to school. The medication will just mask something. Give your child a day or two of rest and bring him/her to the doctor if necessary.
  • WORK ON FINE MOTOR SKILLS WITH YOUR CHILD : Strengthening the muscles in their hand helps support your child’s ability to write. Playdough, coloring, cutting with scissors and using tweezers to pinch cotton balls will help your child.
  • TEACH GERM MANAGEMENT :Teach them how to blow their noses. Remind your child to cough and sneeze in their elbows . Taking a bath(shower) everyday and changing clothes is very important. Remind your child the proper way to wash hands. (posters in the CPE)
  • KEEP THE LINES OF COMMUNICATION OPEN : At times it is not always the best time in the morning or at the end of the day because of the rush. Call, write a note or set up a meeting with the teachers if there is something you need to discuss and something is concerning you.
  • HELP OUT : Research has proven that parents that are actively involved in their child’s education have a more positive attitude towards learning and therefore their child does better in school. Volunteer as much as possible and be actively involved in your child’s learning by practicing numbers, letters , looking at things your child has done that day and asking questions. Asking how their day went. Most importantly looking at their art work and taking it home and valuing it.
  • TRUST IN TEACHERS : Realize that the teachers care about the children in the classroom and want the same things for them that you do. To learn,thrive and flourish academically and socially . We are just as proud of them as you are!!

We look forward to learning and growing with your child!


The goals are to allow children to acquire primary knowledge and understanding of the French language in order to facilitate them in beginning to communicate with their teachers and peers.

The butterfly french program will integrate the five areas of development of the child (cognitive, physical, creative, social and emotional). These five areas will be integrated into our daily French program and will complete the learning process of the whole child during circle time, learning centres, transition time, gym and outdoor play.

The objectives of the group are:

  1. Begin to use simple French vocabulary.
  2. Begin to develop an understanding of the French language.
  3. Recognize colours and shapes.
  4. Recognize letters.
  5. Recognize numbers 1-20.
  6. Recognize and begin to write their names.
  7. Begin to think critically.
  8. Accept and follow class rules.
  1. Walks heel-to-toe and runs well.
  2. Runs, starts, stops and move around obstacles with ease.
  3. Hops on one foot skillfully.
  4. Learn to skip using alternative feet.
  5. Gallops with ease.
  6. Jumps for distance (about 3 feet).
  7. Catches and throws ball skillfully.
  8. Begin to coordinate movements to climb on a jungle gym.
  1. Use various art materials creatively on their own or in a group.
  2. Use art tools and materials to create two or three dimensional art.
  3. Become creative through simple Math and Science experiments.
  4. Become creative in environmental activities, including activities on outdoor playground or field trips.
  5. Use imagination to express themselves during dramatic play.
Social and Emotional
  1. To use their words when in conflict with their peers.
  2. To learn to listen while others talk.
  3. Show empathy and respect for others.
  4. To learn to take turns during classroom activities.
  5. To develop a position of self-esteem about themselves.

Throughout the year we will incorporate the activities such as: Art, Music , Drama, Movement, Stories, Math, and Science in our themes.
Also this year we will be taking some trips by bus and metro. In order to make these trips a success we need parent volunteers .This is necessary so we could maintain our excellent ratios for the safety of our children.

This year there will be two evaluations of your child. One at the end of September, beginning October. This one we
will talk about how your child is adjusting and what we could do to make things better. The second evaluation at the end of May is a written one that could be used for school entrance purposes.

At the end of October we will begin the Alphabet introducing one letter a week .We will have a book that will be given back to your child in June when we finish the Alphabet.
Please take a few minutes of your day to look at notices that are posted on the Butterfly bulletin board next to the entrance door and to check the plastic file folders above the children’s cubbies . These folders will have letters from the office and teacher letters or papers for trips that need to be signed (no art materials are to be kept in here) . Please fill and return the forms “Parent Questionnaire” and “Volunteer Information” as soon as possible.

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Minipally / Brindami Program

Starting at mid-September, the children in the Butterflies class will be offered the program Minipally. The Program is offered every 2 weeks and it favours social and emotional development, self-esteem and self-control skills. More details of the program will be provided to you after each Minipally’s workshop.

Message to parents:

It is important to do a review with your child after each visit and to encourage them to use what they have learned.

Notre cher ami Brindami commencera ses ateliers avec les amis Papillons dès la mi-septembre à toutes les 2 semaines. Ce programme favorise le développement social et affectif, l’estime de soi, ainsi que le contrôle de soi, etc… Un feuillet vous donnant plus de détails sur ce programme vous sera remis par votre enfant à chaque visite de Brindami.

Lettre aux parents:

Il est important de faire un retour avec votre enfant après chaque atelier et continuer de l’encourager dans ses nouveaux apprentissages.

You may download a copy of our Butterflies program here.